A Sai devotee is always blessed😊

R. Murali (RM) is a retired banker with 38 years of banking experience. He retired from service in 2016. Though RM is currently staying in Chennai, earlier he was staying in Arekere Vysya bank colony, where Saibaba temple is situated, for 13 years from 2003 to 2016.

RM has been a devotee of Saibaba for last 8 years. He has been to Shirdi 5 times so far. He also read Sai Satcharitra 6 times and attracted to Baba more and more.

RM’s mother is a Sai devotee. One of his elder brother’s name iS also Sai, who had passed away before the birth of RM.

In 2008, two years prior to construction ot present Saibaba temple in Arekere, they constructed a temporary shed with a life
size photo of Baba placed inside the shed. This became a mini SaiMandir, as it was kept open from 9 am to 5 pm on all the 7 days of the week.

The main purpose of temporary shed was to make devotees aware that a regular Sai Mandir is going to come up at that place
very soon with a beautiful marble idol of Baba installed in it.
Every day noon aarthi was given to Baba, by His devotees at mini Sai Mandir.

In 2008, Sri Sai Santoshi Maata Charitable Trust, which currently manages a big temple complex, did not have enough financial resources. They were looking for a donor to buy a life size pahoto of Saibaba. RM volunteered and came forward to donate
required money to buy the life size photo of Baba and place it in mini Sai Mandir.

The said photo of Baba is kept since 2010 in Sai Dhyan Mandir in the temple complex. Devotees come every day and sit in front of Baba to do meditation.

The said life size photo of Baba was initially kept in RM’s house for 10 days before bringing it to mini Sai Mandir. While
praying on fifth day, RM started feeling vibrations in his body and started feeling that Baba is a member of his own family.

This also must have been one of the causes for RM becoming a devotee of Baba.

RM used to visit the mini Sai Mandir daily during noon aarthi after Baba photo was shifted there.

RM did not get a promotion till 2007. But due to blessings of Baba, he got a promotion in 2008.

In another incident, Baba blessed RM in getting problem resolved with his tenant in Chennai who was neither paying rent
nor vacating the house since 2013. Finally it got resolved in 2015 with the grace of Baba and as a result RM is staying in his own
house in Chennai since 2016. Now RM is able to live peacefully at Chennai.

Ever since Sai entered the life of RM, RM did not face any major problem. Baba is taking full care of himself and his family.

RM says he is so much indebted to Baba for showering His blessings on him.

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