Baba can solve any issue in magical ways😊

Sree Sainadhaaya namaha.


SAI, the supreme Lord can do anything in unexpected ways to protect or make his devotees happy. One can’t describe HIS Love and Caring towards his devotees. He can’t ignore his children’s sufferings and He makes them happy by showing his leelas.That is Sai maa..

3days ago, all the files in my mobile are deleted as I had hit reset option by my ignorance. All important files including all contacts, documents, WhatsApp groups, photos and videos are lost. And to restore to Google account, It needs email and password linked to the Google account in mobile. But after reset, my Gmail in the device is log out..I had been trying to log in again but invain as I forgot the password. I created a new mail account but it is said that the mail Id which is already linked to Google accounts in device only works. For 3days I am struggling to remember it and trying to recover in all possible ways and to find the password of my old email account. but nothing worked. I was crying.. Today, i. e on Thursday Sai really did a great miracle that I am unable to control the tears of my gratitude to Deva🙏🙏.

This evening I was trying to recover at least my WhatsApp chats backup..and press backup option. Meanwhile, To my surprise when I open Gmail in my phone, All Google accounts i.e Google drive, YouTube all r showing signed in with my OLD EMAIL ACCOUNT”..THEN GOOSE BUMPS…. How it possible without my sign in attempt??I am unable to understand how it done!!!

Sai showed this Great leela and saved me from my panic stage. Because mainly I lost some imp job related contacts which I have to do urgently..Now with baba:s grace I have got all my files again in my mobile.

And before this leela SAI sent his message to me in Facebook that he no long allows me to cry..

This is SAI message to me in facebook

See, how great is SAI’s assurance. He can’t bear if we cry, he always makes us happy. ONLY he can save us, protect us, care us.. Once we offer him our hearts, every seond he stands beside us..

Hey, SAI, What can I give you my deva fr your caring. Just feeling to be in your seva🙏🙏..

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