Baba Alone Can Make the Impossible as Possible



Narsing Rao (KNR) and all his family members are devotees of Baba. Though KNR is a native of Vizag he keeps coming Bengaluru to see his only daughter staying at Akshayanagar about one kilometer from a temple complex in Arekere.

KNR named his two granddaughters also as Sai Vanihasini Sai Shanmukhi Havisha. Such is the faith of their family members in Saibaba.Whenever KNR is in Bengaluru, he keeps coming to Saibaba temple . Both, his daughters and son-inlaw are software engineers.

To take care of KNRs grand daughters, KNR and his wife used to stay in Bengaluru, as both his daughter and son-in-law are working.Sometimes KNR daughters-in-law used to st-ay in Bengaluru to take care of the two small children.

Once, about 2 years ago KNR and his wife were returning backto Vizag from Bengaluru. They got into a/c coach in Sheshadriexpress. To reach Vizag, they had to get down Rajahmundry station and catch Ratnachal express.As Sheshadri express was running late by 2 hours, TTE advised them to get down at Nidadavol station to catch Ratnachal express.

KNR & his wife Padma got down As per the advice of TTE. KNR + Nidadavol station and were waiting for Ratnachal express.

KNR’s wife forgot to pick up her hand bag while getting down from Sheshadri express. Her hand bag left in Sheshadri express (B2 coach) contained,…

1.Rs. 5000/

2. a/c train tickets to Vizag

3. credit cards

4. Mobile phones

5. Tickets booked in advance for going to Shirdi.

KNR & his wife were under great tension and did not know what to do. Except for some change they did not have money with them. They simply prayed Baba.Ultimately, they went to police station in Nidadavol railway platform and reported about the incident.

By that time Ratnachal express came and they got into a/c chair car for travelling to Vizag. They reported every detail to TTE of that train, when they were narrating the story to TTE, the a/c mechanic of that train also listened to their story. He said he will try to help by contacting his counterpart in Sheshadri express over phone. Within 5 minutes a/c mechanic got reply stating that in Sheshadri express, they could locate the hand bag and also confirmed that all contents of the bag are intact. KNR & his wife could not believe this news.

The a/c mechanic of their train handed over the lost hand bag along with its content to KNR at Samarlalkota station. KNR & his we thought that Saibaba alone came in the human form of a/c mechanic to help them.

KNR wife’s hand bag also contained photo of Saibaba and few vibhoothi packets.

KNR says that they can never and never forget this incident in their life. They believe that Sai alone comes to their rescue whenever they are in trouble.

KNR & his wife initially thought that it is impossible to get the lost hand bag. Sai grace alone made it possible.



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