Sai Listens to Prayers of Everyone Having Faith in Him

49348840_2267973223220979_3748420965143412736_n.jpgManoj Pundora (MP) is a hardware engineer working for IBM for last 11 years and staying in Bengaluru for last 5 years in Hongasandra, which is about 3 kms away from Arekere Saibaba temple.

MP is a devotee of Saibaba since 1994. He got into the fold of Saibaba with the influence of his aunty (Father’s sister) who was an ardent devotee of Sai at Dehradun. Prior to shifting to Bengaluru he was working for IBM at Dehradun. He used to visit Baba temple regularly at Dehradun. He has been visiting Arekere Baba temple also for last 5 years.

MP visits Shirdi almost once every year. He has also read Sai Satcharitra 2 times.

In 2014, MP and his family were to go to Delhi by train starting from Yeshwantpur at 10.20 pm.

MP booked for a cab to go to Yeshwantpur from Hongasandra. Cab driver was expected to report at his residence at 7 pm, but later declined to come as it was a peak hour. MP tried to ring up to the office concerned of the cab and they also expressed their inability to arrange for an alternate cab.

MP asked the same driver again to come whatever his time of reporting. In case they miss the train, they will back in the same cab to their residence at Hongasandra.Even up to 8.30 pm, the driver did not report. MP, somehow,had a strong faith in Saibaba and He will ensure that they will board the train.

MP’s family was under great tension as they need to travel 46.6 kms to reach Yeshwantpur railway station. It was already 8.30 pm everyone, MP’s family came by auto from Hongasandra to Bommanahalli petrol pump. Luckily they got the same cab driver there at 8.45 pm Driver was hesitant to take them as he was sure that MP’s family will miss the train.

MP still decided to go by the same cab to Yeshwantpur railway station and agreed to pay the cab driver full fare for up and down journey in case they miss the train.

Due to the blessings of Baba, there was less traffic on the way and MP family could reach Yeshwantpur railway station by 10 pm. A coolie helped them carrying their luggage to the compartment and they boarded the train at 10.10 pm.

MP says that it was nothing but a miracle of Saibaba. Faith in Baba alone can create such miracle.

Not only MP, but his 11 year old daughter Grishma also believes in Baba and has a total faith in Baba. Very recently (11 2017), Grishma and her younger brother were to return ITO Kendriya Vidyalaya by bus. Grishma is studying in 6th standard and her brother Ayush in 2nd standard. Bus was about to leave the school, but Ayush did not turn up for catching the bus. Grishma was worried and started praying Baba. Her senior helped in locating her brother Ayush in the primary section and bring him to the bus. Grishma requested the driver of the bus to delay the departure of the bus. When she spotted Ayush she thanked Baba.

This only goes to proves that Baba listens to the prayers of everyone, whether the devotee is Rich/Poor. Old/Young. Adult/ child, provided they have faith in Baba.

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