Baba is there for each battle of his children’s lives

Chetana Verma (CV) is software professional staying at Bengalu for last 25 years within 1.51 kms, from Arekere Saibaba temple.

CV is working for HSBC for last 13 years and currently she is a Team Manager there. CV is a devotee ot Baba for last 4 years and is regularly visiting Arekere Saibaba temple for last 4 years and many times along with her mother. So far she visited Shirdi along with her family 2 times in last 2 years.

CV got into the fold of Baba through an elderly associate in HSBC by name Bala Nehru Gopala Krishna (Bala) who is an ardent devotee of Baba. Bala and his wife used to collect Baba
clothes every week from BTM Sai temple, wash them, press them and give it back to the temple.

Once Bala’s wife, met with a big car accident. Car went under the lorry. She had a leg injury. All
colleagues in HSBC pooled money for her treatment. CV also contributed Rs. 5000/-. In HSBC on annual day, there was a lucky draw in 2014, in which Bala became the winner and got
35,000/-which was used for his wife’s treatment. Bala believes that it is Baba who arranged this money for his wife’s treatment.

Bala always says, Sai will take care of everything related to his devotees.

CV went to Shirdi in January 2015 for the first time with all her family members in car. On reaching Shirdi they could not get any hotel accommodation as all rooms were full. At
9.30 pm, in one hotel, where they were waiting, 2 rooms tor vacated. The hotel manager agreed to give the said 2 rooms to CV and her family after getting cleaned

The next problem CV faced was about the food as by that time the restaurant was closed and all the food prepared for the day got exhausted. Suddenly the hotel cook appeared before the and promised to cook and serve the food.

CV had gone to Shirdi for the first time and had no idea about the procedure to get Baba darshan. An unknOwn person met CV and her mother in the temple complex and promised to get them the darshan. Luckily CV’s mother was carrying voter’s Id card that helped them to get Baba darshan under the scheme for Senior citizens. The unknown person who helped them to get the darshan made them sit in Samadhi Mandir for 25 minutes. CV never ever dreamt that she will have Such a comfortable darshan of Baba. The next day CV’s husband and her son got darshan by going through general queue (Dharma Darshan) as sale of noon arthi tickets were closed by that time.

Back in Bengaluru in 2017, CV was expecting a promotion by appearing for an interview for the next higher grade. She applied for the next grade in two departments where posts had fallen vacant. She started getting worried when she did not receive any call for interview. Once Bala, her associate after giving her a calendar brought from shirdi to CV, asked her to check her
mail box. Surprisingly she found an interview call in her mail box. She appeared for interview in both the departments. She got selected in both departments as per the call received from her boss on 17 March 2017.

Not knowing what to do, she came to Arekere Baa temple and asked Pujari to lift chit out of the two chits prepared by her writing department name on each of the chit. She finally joined the department which Baba had suggested through Pujari of the temple.Now CV says that Baba is behind her for every step taken by her.

A family friend presented CV a 2.5 ft. marble idol of Saibaba,which was installed in her house. Even the children of CV offer anything bought for them first to Baba in their house before
taking it for themselves.

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