Milk oozes from Saima’s thumb finger –Baba feeds an hungry infant

Baba’s miracles in Dev Baba’s life

Dev Baba was born to Rajaram Kaka and Sitha Bhai. When he was in his mother’s womb, the mother was facing some health problems. She was suffering from tetnus disease .  Sitha Bhai’s father, Dhabholkar ran to Baba for His help and explained  his daughter’s health condition to Baba. Then Baba consoled him saying,” Don’t worry, Male baby will born without any difficulty”..

The delivery date came.  Dhabholkar was  waiting outside and praying Baba for His help. His son in law Rajaram also was praying his lord Vittal to get a son like the saint, Jnaneshwar maharaj . As per Baba’s words, a male baby was born. Dhabholkar entered the room to see his Grand son. Then he finds the infant was kept aside without care from his mother. To his great surprise , the baby laid there with peace and an bright aura was covering his head. The mother was afraid to take the baby to her lap and feed him as she was feeling that he was an abnormal infant. Then Dhabholkar took his grand son  to  Baba and told the problem that his daughter wasn’t feeding her baby.

Then the merciful Saima took the infant to His lap and placed his thumb finger in the baby’s mouth.. As soon as Baba did this, the infant sucked the thumb finger . Surprisingly, milk oozed from the finger and thus Baba fed the hungry infant

When Dev grew older, he started working as P.E.T teaher in a school. There were two groups in the school. Dev was caring all the students equally. But , the students of one group were feeling that Dev is showing partiality towards them.. So they complained to another teacher  against Dev. The teacher planned to  beat him secretly  next day. An  another teacher came to know his plan and he revealed it to Dev. Then Dev told, “he can’t come to school  next day”

Surprisingly, the same day, the teacher , who planned  to beat Dev,  sank in the lake where he went to swim ,and died..

Thus Baba gave Dev Baba some power also to know the future.




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