Baba removes His devotee’s fears

IMG_20190420_162435.jpgBaba removes His devotee’s fears

Sometimes a skeptic meets a saint and turns into a staunch devotee, and this is what happened to Sudhir Kulkarni. He went to meet Sadanand Maharaj at his Chunabhatti ashram and was thoroughly impressed by his humble approach and equanimity. Gradually he experienced his spirituality and his faith in saints grew thereafter. Sudhir’s wife Malti was devoted to Sai Baba, and a few years later Sudhir also accepted Baba as his Sadguru and God.

After they got married, the Kulkarnis lived in a multistoried building in Thana. The apartment was large and every morning when Sudhir went to work, Malti was all alone in the apartment. Being rather timid, she was scared of being alone, and it was her habit to sit before Baba’s picture and pray, “Baba take away my fear.” Once during the monsoons, she sat praying before Baba’s picture, when it became dark and overcast with black clouds. Suddenly she felt someone’s presence behind her and was frightened out of her wits. But because Baba’s picture was in front of her, she calmly said, “Baba is it you?”

Malti recalls, “Strangely enough, I became very calm, as I was sure the person standing behind me was Baba. His shadow was huge and it reached the sky, and slowly it enclosed me in it. Soon I was in utter peace and bliss. Finally I turned around and I saw this bright light. The light was exceedingly bright and had tiny whirls of incandescent colours in it. The whirls were predominantly blue, red and gold, along with the rest of the colours of the rainbow. The glow and luminescence was so great that I could hardly keep my eyes open. Instinctively, I knew that it was his cosmic form and he had blessed me. Thankfully, I knelt right there. Thereafter my irrational fear had totally disappeared. Now I am not paralysed with fear as I know my Baba is with me.”

During the auspicious month of December (Margashish), Malti used to perform an elaborate ritual for goddess Mahalakshme would fast during that period and recite hymns. On the last day of the ritual she asked Sudhir to tell the watchman on duty to bring a branch of a mango tree. She said, “On your way out, please tell the watchman to get a branch of a mango tree so I can complete my fast. I want to hang a garland of its leaves above the front door.” However the watchman didn’t come to her apartment with the branch; so she went downstairs. Then the watchman handed her a rather stout branch. Malti said, “I don’t need such a big branch, what will I do with all these leaves?” The watchman told her to hang them all over her apartment. As usual she spoke to Sudhir that morning and thanked him for not forgetting about the mango leaves.However, Sudhir told her that he was unable to find the watchman at the door so he didn’t tell him about it. A while later Malti went downstairs as she thought that the watchman might have inadvertently given her some other person’s mango branch. However, the watchman said, “This morning a tall person with a charismatic personality came and stood before me. He had worn a long white shirt, and a white dhoti. On his head he had a white turban. Handing the branch to me he said, “On the fourth floor of this building a lady is performing my worship. Go and give her this branch, and ask her to put garlands of the mango leaves all over her home.”

Hearing this, Malti ran home and stood in front of Baba’s picture, crying. “Baba you came all the way to the building. You gave the watchman the branch so that I could successfully complete my ritual. However, if you had come home, how happy I would have been. But Baba if you really did come, give me some proof. If the garland from your photograph falls down then I will have positive proof that you did come.” No sooner had she said this, than the garland adorning Baba’s picture fell down. With tears of joy in her eyes she said, “Baba I have now realised that you are the embodiment of all the Gods, Goddesses, and the Sadgurus. With compassion for your devotees you come running to help them.” Soon after Malti had completed her ritual she was blessed with a baby boy.

Sudhir had this wonderful experience a few days later. Early one morning he dreamt of Sadanand Maharaj, who gave him a mantra. Simultaneously, Baba appeared in Malti’s dream and gave her the same mantra. Now both of then chant the mantra and find infinite peace and solace in it. Sudhir says, “Now I am no more a skeptic and I believe that Sadanand Maharaj and Sai Baba are the same. Although both the saints have taken Samadhi, yet they come running to help and guide their devotees both materialistically and spiritually. Indeed we are fortunate to have found a Sadguru.”

Ref.: Sai Prasad, Ram Navami issue, 1997.

Source : Baba’s Divine Manifestations compiled by Vinny Chitluri,



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