SAI catches every feeling of his devotees and responds immediately


SAI is such a God who listens to every sincere call of his devotees and runs to save them.

SAI is such a Father who knows his children’s wishes and wants to fulfil them soon.

SAI is such a Mother who embraces her children when they are in despair and fulfills every need of them.

SAI is such a FRIEND who knows his friend’s heart well and make him/her happy forever.

SAI is such a GURU who leads his devotees on the path of Athmajnaan. SAI IS PARAM BRAHMA, PARAM PITHA


I wish to share my recent experience with you all. 3days back I had to go to my relatives house for a ceremony. I already know the ill behaviour of them towards me. Though my heart said no, my responsibility said to go and do my duty.

In the function as usual, some of my relatives insulted me with their behaviour. Their samskar is like that only. After coming home I started thinking on this. ” why all the people around me hate me without reason. I fell in so much despair And at the end I prayed Baba whole heartedly, ” Baba, I no more want to breath in this cruel world where I am getting hatred only. I cant get affection from anywhere. Then Please Sai fulfil atleast one desire. Please keep me in the position of coma until my life ends so that I can save myself from hatred of people “

Baba heard my hearts painful crying. Last night I saw a message of Baba in Face book, consoling me for my situation.

Here The message.. “For past life karma, some people get typical minded and bad people’s company in family,relatives, colleagues and friends. You have to console your self that it is due to your past karma and Just stay in this samsara like water on lotus.”

” you should not take the words and acts of the members of your family to your heart. Pray God to give them sath buddhi. You keep reading holy scriptures to divert your mind frm all this. Do meditation and give peace to your heart. Dont lose courage. With fear dont think of ending your Life. It is the great sin. “

” know this truth that only because of the cruel and cunning people around you, you came near baba in search of peace. Because of them you get the chance to read holy scriptures. Because of them you get the time to do meditation, to attain spiritual knowledge and to do Guru seva. ” (means, if we have good company we may forget Sai)

“Thus,to see with physical aspect they are doing injustice to you,but to see with spiritual aspect they are helping you indirectly for your spiritual growth”

That was soo wonderful message SAI gave me, exactly each bit suits to my condition. By reading this I felt so happy 😊 and got the solution for my sufferings and got the best answer for my question to Sai how to cop up with these narrow minded people in relatives?

My heartly pranams to Sai ma to hear my every cry and to take me in her lap😊😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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