Sai takes care of everything when he enters devotee’s life

Shuchitha (SA) is a native of Chennal and has completed BA from Chennai. SA is now settled down at Bengaluru and staying with her son at Gottigere, around 4 kms from Arekere Saibaba temple for last 3 years.

SA has been a devotee of Baba for last 13 years and had been to Shirdi, first in 2005 and next in 2010. SA read Sai Satcharitra for about 10 times.

SA’s life was full of ups and downs. Ever since she became a devotee of Baba in August 2004, Sai has been rescuing her every
time. Now she says Baba is there in every inch of her life.

SA came into the fold of Saibaba in 2004. Prior to that, she had no belief in Baba. When she was going through difficult times, a friend by name Ranjit her ex-colleague in Vivek at Chennai was forcing her to pray Baba. She once went to Baba temple at Chennai and prayed as under “If you can make me as your devotee then all my family members can become your devotees. You get me a job immediately, as financially I am in a bad condition and not able to meet my family commitments.”

Again due to compulsion of her friend, she wrote Om Sai Ram 108 times. Surprisingly she got two job offers One from TATA group and another from Standard Chartered bank. At TATA group,there were six rounds of InterviewS for 224 candidates and she was one of them. Finally SA joined standard Chartered Bank.

SA says that Sai coming into ner lile and getting her job in two firms almost at same time is the 1St miracle in her life. Prior to
geting into the fold or BaDa, She was devotee of Shakthi Devi.

SA was with Standard Chartered bank for 2 years (2004-2006). In 2007 she joined HR consultancy firm at Chennai. After one year she started her own HR consultancy, leaving the job.

A person by name Manoj Sharma introduced SA to Adani Group who wanted SA tO work exclusively tor Adani Thermal Power in HR area as a HR consultant. By this time her daughter had grown up and she had absolutely no financial resources to pertorm her marriage. She was only praying Baba to help her in ge tting her daughter married. Working for Adani Group helped her raise sulficient money to perlorm her daughter S marriage in the year subsequenuy.

SA Say’s that it is second major miracle in her life. But for Sai coming as Manoj Sharma in her life and introducing her to Adani group, She would not have been in a position to get her daughter married in 2009.

SA could also get her sonS education completed with the grace of Sai, when her financlal position was not good. Son also got maried in2013.

Today SA’s family 1s a happy famiy and all her family members are Sai devotees. SA’s husband also got job with Adani Group with
the help received from Manoj Sharma. Daughter and Son-in-law are well settled and both are employed at Bengaluru.

SA’s son and daughter-in-law are also well settled and both are employed at Bengaluru.

SA does a special puja of Sai at her home on every Thursday and whenever she has a problem, she puts it to Baba who is taking
care of her every time.

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