Whatever Baba gives,take as his ‘Prasada’

B. Tejaswini (BT) Electronics and Telecommunication is a devotee of Baba for last 12 years. She became a devotee of Saibaba, when she was just 14 years of age.
Now she is aged 26 years.

She is in Bengaluru for the past thre years and currently staying at Begur road, which is 2.5 kms from Arekere Saibaba temple. She visited Shirdi only once, but has read Sai Satcharitra 7 times. Earlier she used to visit Saibaba mandir in BTM layout but for past 2-3 weeks she started visiting Arckere Saibaba temple.

While BT was studying 9th standard at Tirupathi, her native place, one day she was looking at Baba calendar and praying Baba.

At that time, suddenly Baba calendar fell on her head. This was the beginning of her connection with Baba.

When BT was in 10 standard, BT’s father pressurized BT to get at least 550 marks out ot G00 marks in linal examination. But she got only 470 marks and her father was very much disappointed.

A neighbor in Tirupathi, who was also a devotee of Baba,gave her (BT) the Telugu version or Sai Satcharitra and asked her
to read the same to find peace in life. After reading the book,BT developed tremendous confidence to face any problem in life. From that time onwards, BT never got upset over any kind of disturbances in her life. She started thinking positively reading Sai Satcharitra.

Before doing or starting any job or activity BT started praying Baba. In PUC (Inter) 2nd year she got 83%. Before this, she had
sent a hand written letter in Telugu to Baba through someone going to Shirdi. She requested the said person to put that letter
in Hundi at Shirdi. As a result she got good marks in PUC (Inter) second year and her belief in Baba got more than doubled.

Even at a young age BT started accepting whatever is given by Baba as His Prasada. In all her four years of studying the engineering degree, she always got questions in the exam out of the chapters she read. She says it was all due to the grace of Baba.

BT started doing Annadana in her college days by cooking food at home and putting the same into polybags and distributing
to beggars sitting near different temples.

Major Incident

BT after completing her B.Tech in Electronics and Communications in 2014 shifted from Tirupathi to Bengaluru,as she got a job as Technical Support Engineer in a scanners
manufacturing organization. She fell in love with a guy in Bengaluru who was working in IT industry. They decided to marry each other and got married in 2016, much against the wishes of their parents. BT knew very well that her father would not approve, as it was an inter caste marriage. So they went for a registered marriage in December 2016.

Matter was however known to BT’s parents, through the father.

BT expected that there will be problems from her parents in next six months Probably, because both BT and her husband
prayed Baba prior to their marriage, parents from both sides agreed for their registered marriage, as they could not find any other choice. BT”‘s father became Silent, instead of being furious as per his nature.

BT and her husband consider their marriage as a great miracle.

Then onwards BT never worried about anything as she believes that Sainath will take care of everything. She stopped asking anything to Baba as He knows fully well what she needs.

Whatever is given by Baba, she accepts as His prasada.

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