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  • God loves the flower of peace (Shanti). This flower of peace should not be interpreted to mean that you should be silent towards whoever is attacking you or blaming you. It is not that at all! If you are unmoved and unperturbed in spite of anyone finding faults in you, that is real Shanti. If you can fill your heart with love, you will always be peaceful. Through our own bad qualities, we lose peace. With truthful thoughts, you will have peace. With untruthful thoughts, you lose peace. It is only when you are free from all thoughts that you can have true peace. Your own bad thoughts are responsible for all your pain and sorrow. Through good thoughts and ideas, you will become a sadhu (saint). Sadhu does not mean one who merely wears an orange robe, shaves the head and wears holy beads (Rudrakshas). Every person who has good thoughts and good ideas is a sadhu.

(Divine Discourse, 12 May, 1981- Sri Saibaba

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