Make such a friend who will not desert you



 Nana Sahib Chandorkar was Baba’s foremost apostle. It was his habit to talk about Baba’s divinity, to all his friends. In fact he spoke about Baba to any and everyone. He then brought that person to Shirdi, to meet his sadguru. All this he did at his own expense.On one occasion Nana brought a keertankar and his assistant with him. The keertankar readily accompanied him as he had to perform keertans at Ahmednagar the next day. They had Baba’s darshan, and Nana asked for permission to leave. Baba asked him to have lunch first. Nana asked the keertankar and his assistant to join him. The keertankar was in a great hurry, as he did not want to miss the train. If he did miss the train he would be late for the keertan, hence loose a lot of money. So he and his assistant left.

Baba said “Paha, Kase lok matlabi astat vel ali manjhe saathidarala sodun, Aapalya matalbala Daksha astaat manun Apan asa saathi karava ki je apalyala kalpatihi sodnar nahi”

“See how conniving people are, they look out for their own gains. If things don’t go their way they do not hesitate leave that person in the lurch. So you should make such a friend who will not desert you.A friend who can not even think of leaving you even in his remotest thought” .

This made Nana think of such a friend, and all he would think of was his sadguru. Who else would think of for saking you ever? So if you have a friend let him be Baba. Nana further states ‘have loving relationships with everyone, but let the sadguru be your best friend’.

In the Shri Satcharita chapter 2 Dixit asks Baba for permission to leave. The conversation takes a turn and Baba says if you take a guide with you then there is no fear of getting lost. He says “Vatadyabarobar asla manjhe kaahi panchayat naahi mag vaagh bajula houn jatat, ris bhajula houn jatat ,naahi tar ek moti khai aahe tyana vaatu lagle”

*“If you take a guide there is no difficulty. You won’t loose your way. The tiger move away. The bear will move away”*

So clasp the feet of the sadguru with love and devotion, he will help you cross the ocean of life with out any difficulties.

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