Subdhra Chori


Sairam..Many years ago Subdhra Chori visited Shiridi. In the afternoon she sat in the Dwarakamai and chanted Baba’s name with utter devotion. She wondered how the sanctum sanctorium must have looked like in the bygone days. How did Baba look at that time ? would Baba ever grace her with a vision of himself as he was then ? Then she went and worshipped all the other holy sites.She then went to samadhi Mandir to attend Shej Aathi, but as there was half and hour left she thought , “let me go and see what Dwarakamai looks like at night. The Dwarakamai was light up from the ever burning lamps and blazing Dhuni Mai.

Then she saw Baba wearing a white kafni , he was pacing about with his hands behind his back. In wonder she said, “Baba it’s you?” He replied “Come my child” I was waiting for you. You wanted to see me and my Dwarakamai. isn’t it?.

Subdhara prostrated at his feet and he lifted her by her shoulders. He continued.” I am pleased with your devotion. I want you to know that I am presented in every picture in your home. My devotees will come to me according to their faith. I will answer their questions. Whenever someone speaks ill of you keep quiet because they have dug a hole for themselves.Many spoke ill of me. Have faith in me” Just then the Sej Arathi started and he left saying that He would meet her in Lendi Baugh the next day.

The next morning she went to the well in Lendi Baugh and saw Baba sitting on it’s rim. He said , “Child this well is the origin of all the sacred rivers, but no one offers a coconut to it. Then how can I give water to people. After some time, the water won’t be seen in it.,as it will start drying up.Dont ever stop worshipping this Pipal tree. Do not forget the Audambar tree it is the resting placeof Lord Guru Datta. Then He told her many important facts, medicines and remedies and asked her not to reveal them without His consent. Then He asked her to promise that she will keep them as secret.

Then He walked to the Gurusthanan and she followed Him. Finally He said “You will come along with my Prasad. Indeed three years later she came to Shiridi along with son named “Chandan Prasad” and her child was placed at the feet of Baba idol in Samadhi Mandir.

Here Baba is confirming the sacredness of Shiridi .

Ref Sai Prasad Magazine Guru Poornima issue 1990 Source Baba’s Divine Symphony by Vinny Chitluri

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