My Experiences with SAI

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Sairam.. Today I want to share my dream in which I had darshan of  SAI.

Today, around 5am I had a dream. The dream follows like this.. “I was in a crowd ,sitting along with some devotees.. In the middle,my  guru Sree Ammula  Sambasiva Rao ji is there sitting on something like a  stone, but I was not sure where He sat.. All of us were facing towards him . My Guru was just infront of me and I started looking at Him.

Suddenly,  I saw Shirdi Saibaba  there ,instead of my Guruji On the stone. HE was exactly like ,sitting on a stone in  Dwaramai. And at the bottom and infront  of the stone, one little boy is there,sitting on something just like baba, facing towards us.

Then, Placing my hands on the feet of Baba,  I asked Baba, “Baba, what about the construction of the temple? ” (  I am facing a problem in getting electricity supply as the nearest electricity supply  is far away from my plat, in which I am going to construct Baba temple, and it is risky to get the connection ). Then Baba said “OM SAI SREE SAI JAYA JAYA SAI”.I could see Baba lips were moving while HE saying it. .” I think, Baba suggested  me TO CHANT HIS NAME FOR ANY PROBLEM , FOR ANY SOLUTION AND FOR EVERYTHING by this dream..And I think, the little boy is seemed in front of Baba in my dream ,as  I was planning to do a small BABA idol’s  installation also there infront of big Baba idol.

I am feeling blessed today to have darshan of Baba and got His suggestion.. Not only today,  from the starting Baba is guiding me whenever I ask for any suggestion or solution regarding the temple construction. BABA always prooves His words.. WE ARE KNOWN ONE OF HIS ASSURANCES, “IF YOU SEEK MY SUGGESTION OR ADVICE,  I CAN PRESENT IT IMMEDIATELY FOR YOU”.

Thus Baba has shown His blessings on me.18814733_1215014615275979_8919271909728509527_o

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