Sai too thinks of you when you constantly think and remember Him



A Sai devotee, Yellappa’s experiences with SAI

Yellappa (UY) is the devotee of Shirdi Saiba for more than 30 years. He worked for Food Co of India (FCI) for 38 years and got retired. During his service with FCI he was transferred and posted to various places within AP, and once to Bengaluru. UY was visiting nearby Saibaba temple wherever was posted during his service with FCI.

UY has three sons and a daughter. All have studied well and now living a happy life due to the blessings of Baba.

One of UY’s sons is now working in Bengaluru and staying near Vijaya Bank colony, Bilekahalli, Bengaluru. UY is visiting his son very frequently for last 4 years to look after his grandchildren. Whenever UY is in Bengaluru, he is visiting Saibaba temple in Arekere, in Shanthidham temple complex on every Thursday.

On 28-02-2016, UY came along with his wife to Saibaba temple, when temple authorities were celebrating sixth anniversary of the temple. When UY entered the temple complex, he was asked to write his name and telephone number on a chit and drop it in drop box. UY was absolutely not aware of  the purpose of the same.

Jaya Wahi, the author of the famous book, “Saibaba is still  Alive” was called as the chief guest for the sixth anniversary celebration of the temple. After the address by Jaya Wahi, it was announced that 10 copies of her book “Saibaba is still Alive” will be given free to winners of the lucky dip. To the utter surprise of UY his name was first announced to receive the copy of the book  “Saibaba is still Alive”at the  hands of Jaya Wahi  duly autographed by her.

UY says that the above had happened due to deep devotion and faith in Baba. UY mentioned that when he was reading the book,tears were flowing from his eyes.. UY is keeping the said book always with him.

According to UY no monetary value can be assigned to the contents of the book and it is priceless. UY considers this as miracle of Sai as he always thinks of him. Sai Himself came to him in the form of the book.

UY has a house in Kurnool, one portion of which is let out, he got a message that present tenant is vacating. UY had been to Kurnool in March 2017. Unexpectedly the present tenant was vacating the present house, on the same day, a family consisting of 4 members have paid two months advance rent as deposit to take the same portion on rent. These days, when supply is more than the demand, getting another tenant on the same day is nothing short of a miracle.

he had experienced several Sai Miracles in his life. When he chanting Sai name continuously 3 am to 6 am in one Shirdi Sai sevashram near Adoni,(Pujya Guru Sree Ammula Sambasiva Rao ji established it )he experienced another miracle.r chanting, when he opened his eyes he he found Sai appearing on both of his palms as  you see in Shirdi he immediately shared with people present there.

Before sleeping every day in the night and also on waking from bed every morning, UY sincerely prays Saibaba to show Hie grace on him and his family, till they leave this mundane world.

When you think of Sai, Sai also thinks of you and the miracles in the life of UY are a clear proof of the same.


1 thought on “Sai too thinks of you when you constantly think and remember Him

  1. Om sai Ram beautiful experience yes ..he is always with us what he need is just our pure bhakti and bhavana.Jai sai Ram🙏


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