Sai alone decides what to give when to give


K.R. Madhavi (KRM) is a devotee of Saibaba for the last 17 years and is staying in Shantiniketan layout for last 11 years where Saibaba temple is situated.

KRM is visiting Arekere Saibaba temple almost every day ever since the temple was opened for public from 2010. KRM is also an active member of Sai Seva dal in Baba temple. KRM takes pride in saying that she was the first person to touch the Saibaba idol when it was being lifted from the truck to install in the temple.

KRM visited Shirdi 6–7 times. In the year 2008 KRM had a desire to have her own house in Shantiniketan layout. She has been staying in a rented house, ever since she shifted to the said layout. So far KRM read Sai Satcharitra for about 15 times.

Once Baba Ramratanji, who is an ardent devotee of Saibaba visited the Saibaba temple in Arekere in the year 2010. KRM requested him to visit her house. Baba Ramratanji obliged and visited her rented house. KRM expressed to him her desire of having her own house.

Ramratanji advised KRM to perform Saibaba Akhanda Jyothi for 40 days and also read Saibaba’s satcharitra. KRM did as advised by Ramratanji. During these 40 days all family members and Sai devotees visiting KRM’s house experienced a pleasant fragrance.

The level of milk offered to Baba in a glass was found to have come down giving an impression that Baba consumed part of the milk. KRM says that it was a memorable experience.

When finally her desire could not get fulfilled even after a lapse of four years she thought that it may not be possible in her life to live in her own house.

Suddenly one day KRM’s friend told that a flat in Shantiniketan layout itself is available for sale. Since KRM wanted to have an independent house she did not show much interest to see the flat referred by her friend.

Finally when KRM’s friend insisted that she should see the flat once, KRM went along with her husband to inspect the flat in 2014. Both KRM and her husband liked the flat and the price quoted was also affordable by them. Both decided to buy the flat and now they are happily living in their own flat from 2014 onwards.

KRM feels that it is only because of the blessings of Saibaba they could buy their own flat in Shantiniketan layout which is very near to Saibaba temple in the colony.

As Sevadal members, both KRM and her husband K.V. Ramakrishna do the seva in temple for the benefit of visiting devotees, sometimes spending continuously for 6 to 8 hours. KM has a golden idol of Saibaba in her own puja room and she does the abhishekam to the idol every day without fail.

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