Baba gives Darshan in His double form!

IMG_20190324_132833.jpgThere are cases of Baba going to people in distant towns and cities in his own form,in his “double” ..

C.K. Rege of Indore was once laid up with an at sciatica at his father-law’s house at Giggaon . His father-in-law who was a devotee of Sai Baba gave him  Baba’s udi and teertha. At about 2 p.m., a sanyasi wearing kashaya stood by Rege’s cot and woke him up by tapping on his shoulder and said, “Child, do not fear. You will be alright in three days!” Rege was frightened by the sudden appearance of a stranger and so he shouted. But by the time his father-in-law turned up, the strange visitor had disappeared. The latter was sure that it was none other than Sai Baba who had come to bless his son-in-law. Rege was alright precisely on the third day!

In 1914 Rege’s third daughter was to be married and an invitation was sent to Baba. Baba sent his reply, “I will come in person and attend the marriage.” As the marriage ceremony was in progress, the postman delivered a letter from Baba along with a packet of udi. The udi was to be applied to the foreheads of the bride and bridegroom. Just about the same time, a fakir came and asked Rege’s father-in-law for a dakshina of one paisa. As he was busy with the ceremony he did not pay attention to the strange visitor. Later it occurred to him that the fakir was Baba himself. Then Rege said that if indeed the visitor was Sai Baba himself, he should confirm their faith in him through a sign, that is, by appearing again. Next day the same fakir turned up and asked for dakshina of one paisa only. Rege gave it gladly. The fakir, however, declined their invitation to dinner.

One day in 1911, Balwant Khojokar of Thana took leave of Baba. When he had walked a considerable distance from Dwarakamai it occurred to him that that might be his last darshan of Baba and he felt a strong desire to see him once more. But once devotees took Baba’s permission to return home, they should not return to him. Just as these ideas passed Khojokar’s mind he glanced at the Lendi and there, peeping through the hedge,was the face of Baba!. Baba said, “Are you going? Well, go!”.

Raghuvir Purandhare of Bandra records his experience of Baba’s physical appearance before him, away from Shirdi: “My wife got an attack of cholera and the doctor gave her up as hopeless. Then I saw Baba standing by the side of Dattamandir in front of my Dadar house and he ordered me to give the udi and tirtha (holy water) and so I gave her the same. Half an hour later she recovered sufficient warmth of body and the doctor felt hopeful of her recovery and she recovered.”

Source: Guru dev Sree Ekkirala Bharadhwaja 


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