Sai ls Virtually Living in a Sai Devotee’s House

36340035_1987347184616919_7033564999435943936_n.jpgSai ls Virtually Living in a Sai Devotee’s House

Subhashini Madaan (SM) is a great devotee of Saibaba, visiting regularly the Arekere Saibaba temple in Bengaluru for last 5 years.

SM holds a master’s degree in English Literature and also a Diploma in Computer Programming. Like Das Ganu Maharaj during Sai’s period, SM is also narrating Sai teachings and Sai leela’s from Sai Satcharitra for last 7 years in various Saibaba temples in Bengaluru. While conducting the discourse, she has the capacity to completely immerse your mind in Sai. One gets a feeling as if he is in Dwarakamai for one hour when he listens to a discourse by SM.

SM has been worshipping Baba from the age of 9 years. One finds Sai in every breath of SM.

Shirdi Sai Sansthan (SSS) had invited SM to conduct a discourse on 31st August 2017 at Shirdi. Incidentally it happens to be her Birthday, which was not known to SSS when they invited her. SM considers it is a blessing as one of her life’s desires is getting fulfilled due to Baba’s grace.

SM stays in her own house at about 4-5 kms distance from Arekere Saibaba temple. SM always says her house as a Baba’s house. SM believes that Sai lives more in her house than her family members. She has been living in the said house for the last 10 years, every moment thanking Baba for providing a shelter for her family.

SM planted a neem tree in her own house, which grew into a big  tree now. SM calls it as Baba’s Gurusthan in the compound of her house. One fine day, a middle aged couple came inside the gate of her Sai’s house, touched the neem tree and looked at it..with love. and affection. They blessed SM and went away. Every Thursday and Friday, SM lits an oil lamp under the holy neem trees that a few days later drops of honey started dropping down from the green leaves of neem tree. SM was shocked and considered this as Sai miracle.

The place where SM lives has no water supply from Government. Each house has its own bore well of 1000 to 1200 ft depth. With Saibaba’s grace and blessings bore well depth in SM. (Baba) house is only 200ft. While the most of the bore wells in her neighborhood got dried in every summer, there is continuous supply of sweet water from the bore well in SM’s house, which tastes like sweet coconut water. SM considers this as theertham from Sai’s Lotus feet. As per SM, this miracle itself is a proof that Sai is living in her house.

Ten years ago SM’s husband slept with a bit of tense and disturbed mind. While going to bed, she said to himself that why should he worry, as everything is in Baba’s hands. He uttered Sai, Sai and slept with Baba in mind. Normally he wakes up at 7 am, but on that day Baba woke him up at 4.30 am and when he switched on television set, he was surprised to see Baba’s Kakada aarthi going on in an unknown local TV channel. He went running to SM and woke her. He said to SM that Sai has come to their house. Both of them sat in front of the television and watched aarthi with tears running down endlessly. Since last 14 years SM is giving evening (Dhoop) aarthi to Baba in her house. During the time of aarthi (20 minutes) they look only at Baba’s face, whereas Baba in return looked after them for all the 24 hours of the day. “If you look at Me, I look to you” is one of the 11 assurances given by Baba and as per SM, it is 100% true in their case.

once SM in her dream saw a lot of agarbathis being lit in infront of Baba’s photo in her puja room. The fact is that the stock of agarbathis got exhausted in her house for previous two days she could not buy a fresh stock, though kept thinking of buying it. When she woke up, SM and her family members were surprised to sense sweet aroma of agarbathi all around Baba’s photo which continued for next 3 days, though no agarbathi was lit.

SM conducts a discourse on Sai Satcharitra for a small group from her neighborhood on every Thursday in her puja room. One Thursday, a Bengali devotee attending the discourse saw a tall old man standing in front of the gate of SM’s house totally resembling Baba. When she heard this from the devotee SM burst into tears as her inner belief that Sai lives in and around her house got confirmed. And on another similar occasion, another devotee of Baba attending SM’s discourse saw Sai smiling at all listeners and blinking his eyes in the big picture of Baba kept in her Puja mandir. SM says that her Puja room is a mini Dwarakamai as Sai lives there all the time.

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