Sai Blesses the Childless Couple by responding to Their Prayers

36002822_1678425332210909_7162522174182391808_n.jpgSai Blesses the Childless Couple by Responding to Their Prayers

Kokila Anand (KA) is a resident of Shanthiniketan staying hardly a km away from Saibaba temple in Shanthidham temple Complex.

KA is living in Shanthiniketan layout along with her husband and in-laws for last 7 years and is visiting Saibaba temple in Arekere for last 7 years. She has been a devotee of Baba for last 15 years. She had been to Shirdi twice, once in 2008 & again in 2010.

KA got married in 1998. Her in-laws were very much interested to see that KA is blessed with children. KA did not have any issue for 2 years, though it is not a long period after marriage. Both herself and her husband were made to undergo allopathic treatment during 2001. They even took to ayurvedic treatment also.

In April 2002, KA’s scan report indicated that there is less likelihood of KA getting blessed with children. Everyone in their family was depressed. After a month or so KA’s in-laws went to Shirdi and many other pilgrimage centers.

On May 10th in 2002, KA observed two flowers in their courtyard blossomed to unusually big size. KA missed her date In that month and then she went to her doctor. KA’s joy knew no bounds when her doctor told that she is conceived and further said that it is a real medical miracle. KA immediately called her in laws over phone when they were at Shirdi at that time and they conveyed the good news as declared by her doctor. Their in-laws were in tears of joy when this news was conveyed and they said that their prayers to Saibaba are answered.

In 2002 KA got her first child (daughter) and in 2009 KA was blessed with another daughter. Now KA’s Family is a happy family. Her first daughter Keerthika passed 9th standard & second daughter Shaarika passed her 2nd standard. KA attributes all the above to the grace of Baba as miracles can happen only through God’s/Sai’s Grace.

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