SAI comes to your rescue the moment you call him


Sai Comes to Your Rescue the Moment You Call Him

Sudarshan Naidu (KSN) is a native of Madanapalli in Anantapur district in AP and has business interests in Hyderabad in the field of power generation.

As his elder son is staying in Syndicate bank colony on Bannerghatta road in Bengaluru, he makes frequent trips to Bengaluru.

KSN has been a devotee of Saibaba for the last 17 years. He is visiting Saibaba temple in Shanthidham for last 2 years. KSN is also a member of Sri Sai Shaswatha Nitya Annadana Padhakam.

KSN visits Shirdi once in year and has an intense desire to get settled at Shirdi after a few years.

KSN says that there have been a number of miracles in his life due to grace of Baba. As per him there have been several ups and downs in his life; whenever he faced a difficult situation he approached Baba and unloaded his problems. Surprisingly Baba had come to his rescue every time.

KSN’s eldest son has completed his studies at London School of Economics (LSE) and his second son is now studying at same college in UK, it is all because of the grace and blessings of Baba.

In 2003, KSN wanted to have a house of his own in Jubilee hills in Hyderabad, but he did not have sufficient resources to purchase the same as it was costing Rs. 50 Lakhs at that time.

of his own in 

His business was not profitable at that time so he was working as director in one of his associate’s power project. He was given remuneration on quarterly basis.

Normally any bank looks to his monthly income before sanctioning any housing loan. However, he approached Corporation Bank through a known person. The AGM concerned in the bank who was also a Baba devotee, sanctioned a loan of 30 Lakhs as a special case in spite of KSN not having a steady monthly income

KSN at that time had only Rs. 5 Lakhs with him, so he mortgaged one of his properties to raise balance Rs. 15 lakhs. Finally KSN purchased the house in Jubilee hills with the above said money, paid back the loans and is now extremely happy living there.

As per KSN but for Sai’s blessing it would not have been possible to buy a house in Jubilee hills in Hyderabad.

At the time of sending his eldest son to London School of Economics (LSE), KSN was working on a power project for over 3 years and the only way he could have sent his son abroad was by successfully completing the project. Due to Baba’s grace, KSN was able to materialize the project and was able to give a comfortable life and education to his elder son in the UK. After completing his studies in UK he got a good job in IIM, Bengaluru again due to blessings of Sai.

Once again KSN was experiencing financial constraints in 2016, when his younger son also got admission into the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE), but he did not have sufficient resources to finance his studies. Ultimately KSN was able to sell one of his wind power projects for a good sum and utilized the proceeds to fund his younger son’s education, besides clearing all his debts. KSN is now debt free.

KSN says that whenever he faces a problem he directly communicates with Sai and Baba gives him an advice about what to do. Sai himself guides him to get out of the problem. That is a kind faith KSN has in Sai.

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