SAI came in the form of his brother in law and took lunch

IMG_20200409_201111 Om Sree Sai Nadhaya Namaha

In 1958 January my father Sri Peruru Sharma had a great experience with Sai Maharaj. (This miracle happened after 40 years of Baba’s Maha-Samadhi) and I was a witness for this miracle and I was about Six and half years old then.

We were residing in rented houses in the town Of Kakinada in state of Andhra Pradesh, India. After the miracle saving of my elder brother in August 1957 which has turned my father into a dedicated devotee of Sai Maharaj, we happened to shift to a new house at the end of 1957. My father stated one day (In Jan. 1958) that Baba is coming to dine at our home today and he started making preparation. He said he got a dream and Baba accepted his invitation for food.

We were all expecting Baba to arrive. In fact we children do not know that Baba attained Maha Samadhi some 40 years ago at Shirdi.

We have no such intelligence or logic to question him. At mid noon Baba has not yet arrived and we were all hungry and pestering our father to show us Baba. My father was eagerly moving from our house to the main entrance.

Baba has not come. But our maternal uncle came on a bicycle and entered our house. Observing the arrangements for lunch with some sweets and Lemon Rice as special preparations he enquired my father ‘what was the occasion?’ My father told him that Baba promised him that he will come for a lunch.

He laughed a lot and said, “ Baba for lunch? My dear brother in-law he may not come. Let me have the great special unch with sweets etc and you may assume that Baba has consumed it. I have just landed from Konaseema and got down bus at Old bus stand having crossed ferry at Kotipalli. I am bringing this cycle from our native village there.”

The explanation seemed convincing as his beard was not shaved as he left home 3 days back for his journey to Konaseema and obviously he had no bicycle of his own at Kakinada. My father left the hope of receiving Baba as his guest and asked my uncle to come for the lunch. We all took our lunch as our mother served. She too was happy to receive her brother for the special lunch.

While leaving our house my Uncle wanted my father to give him a Dakshina of Rs.2/- to the Brahmin after feeding him. My father gave Rs.2/- and joked, “take this as cost of your Cigars.” My uncle left on his bicycle to his house in the main road which is 2 kms away. My father bade him good bye and said we will meet in the evening at Studio. My Uncle has a photo studio cum residence. Our grand -father was also residing there only who was the founder of the studio ‘Bhimeshwara Elec. Photo Studio and I have accompanied my father in his evening walk to the Studio.

We both entered the front room of the Studio where my uncle was working on a photo negative giving it some enhancement before taking a print. My father started staring at him and said ‘Aarae! How that you can shave after taking a noon meal? Have you said a good bye to customs being followed in a  Brahmin family? My uncle was clean shaved now but at noon taking lunch has a grown beard. Then my uncle replied ,”Dear Brother in law I have shaved in the morning itself.”Then my father asked have you not brought a bicycle from your native from Konaseema? He said ‘No, nothing like that.”

Then father started shivering and crying calling ‘Hey Baba you have come and I could not recognize you. You have come in a disguise! The beard and cycle gave the clue and that too because I came to studio today itself.” Then my uncle and his wife asked as to what has happened. My father has narrated entire episode.

Every body present there were surprised and said ‘Sharma , you are blessed” Then my father lamented, “Baba gave a clue  of Rs.2/- as Dakshina and I failed to recognize and salute his holy feet!”

Now I recognize that we were all blessed by Baba as he has given us the great chance of dining with him. My father never had an idea to give it a wide publicity. He always used to say Spiritual Experiences are exclusive and the person or persons experiencing it must enjoy the same and gain the bliss!

What we can understand from this miraculous episode? We can be sure that if in the dream in which Baba comes to you and tells you something, it means it is going to happen for sure. Further even after Maha-samadhi Baba is still there and never gone.

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