SAI cured His devotee with a glance

Sree Sai Maharaj’s ardent devotee Sri Perur sharma’s son Sri Phani Shankar Karra narrating the Sai leela which Baba has shown to his father.

‘ I will share an experience which my father had in 1996 for which I was the witness. I was working at Vizianagaram in AP then and my father was at Kakinada. He used to reside in his home there quite independent and was spending his time with Sai devotees who ever came to him. One day I received a message that he underwent a stroke causing him semi paralysis and was hospitalized. I went there on day 3 and spent a night at the Hospital. He spoke to me at night 11 o clock that Baba will arrange his discharge next day. I was not believing his word as he was in great incapacitation and not able to get up even for urination though he was speaking in a blur and moving his limbs a little.

Around 5 am – I found him returning from the toilet attached to in the room. He has not called me to assist which he asked once in the night around 1 o’clock. Next morning at 10 a.m the doctor came and said you can take him home. My self and my brother took him to my brother’s house and my father was escorted on the steps as the portion was in the first floor.

while entering the room we both happened to look the portrait of Baba hung in the front room on the wall. . The eyes of Baba obviously turned towards my father and the looks of Baba were serious for a few seconds. The picture of Baba was the size of a bust portrait.

When I was leaving Kakinada on day 3 my dad told me Baba has looked at him seriously while coming into the house from hospital and perhaps angry with him. Then I said “How you could walk to the toilet in the hospital and why you told me that Baba will arrange your discharge tomorrow?”

He said that he do not know why he said so and not aware that he went to toilet on his own. Then I told him “Baba was not angry with you. He was angry with your ailment and gave it a burning look!”

There after he became quite normal and lived up to September 2000 to an age of 75. Recovery is a miracle for his age at 71 from paralysis and I can state that such miracles do happen even today, if you trust Maharaj without any element of doubt. This incident is a way of proving me that He is taking utmost care of his devotees even today.

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