Sai knows how to draw his devotees to himself

R.Suresh Babu,a devotee is born and brought up in Bangalore .He is a Banker by profession with about 34 years of experience in banking.He has been staying in Bengaluru for the greater part of his career.He also stayed at other places in Karnataka and also Goa due to transfer postings in banking.Except for 13 years ,RSB can be said to be resident of Bengaluru since 1972.

Currently RSP is staying just less than a km away from Arcare Sai Baba temple in his daughter’s house.His daughter is a software professional working for Infosys .Rsb is a devotee of Sai Baba for last 39 years.He has been regularly visiting Arekere Sai Baba temple for last three years .He has also visited Shiridi 4 times .He got deducted from banking service in 2015. one day in 1988 his brother in law who is a chartered accountant had come to Bengaluru on official work .As he was alone,He asked rsb to come to his hotel in Bengaluru and stay with him for the night.Both had a discussion about Baba before going to bed .Till such time RSB did not know anything about Shirdi Sai Baba. During the discussion RsB thought that his brother-in-law was talking about Puttaparthi Sai Baba .Then on that day night an old person came in dream to rsb and blessed him.Next day Rsb shared his dream with his brother in law .Rsb’s brother in law showed a photograph of Shirdi Sai Baba to rsb and told that previous day evening he was discussing about this Baba .RSB was shocked to see the photograph as the old man who came in his dream was exactly looking like Shirdi Sai Baba.

Then Rsb’s brother-in-law felt very happy and told him that he is highly fortunate to get Baba in his dream and get blessed by Baba.This normally cannot happen unless rsb had some connection with Baba in his previous births.Rs b’S brother-in-law further told him that if he surrender at the feet of Baba he will always protect him. Sai will always have motherly affection to all his devotees.RSB came into the fold of Baba from the day onwards and became a devotee of Baba . Rsb was visiting Sai Baba temple every Saturday in Thyagaraja Nagar upto 19197 .Rsb retired from banking service in 2015.He was continuously praying that he should get settled in a place very close to Baba temple after retirement .Rsb’s daughter purchased a house in 2014 in Bengaluru which is less than a kilometre from Arekere Sai Baba temple.

As Rsb’s daughter is working in Infosys and she wanted someone to take care of her daughter and requested her parents to come and stay with her after retirement from service .Rsb and his wife felt that while ,they will be helping her daughter ,they can also stay very close to Baba temple in Arekere .

Sai Baba listend to the prayers of rsb and fulfilled his Desire of staying very close to Baba temple in Arekere.

Sai Baba listened to the prayers of RSB and fulfilled his Desire of staying very close to Baba temple .Rsb considered this as a major miracle as they always be close to Baba.

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