Om sairam

“Hey Sai, you always give message of devotion and patience. But we, sometimes forget your message given to us and we speaks and acts with impatience. Please forgive us”

In the depths of troubles, insults we shout for Baba to help. Sai is ever with us. without knowing and feeling his presence we often fell in despair and depression. Some times we blame SAI too. We forget all that happening to us is simply due to our past karma. Without learning from it, we curse our fate. What we sow we reap. If we do good karmas, then we can good fruits of it. If we do bad to others or insult others, we have to bear bad fruits for this. So we should always notice our speech and actions. We may not get the result of our karma immediately. It takes time but surely returns to us.”

Coming to my experience with SAI, these days I am getting one problem and fell into severe depression. I was feeling isolated and alone. When the problem started, the same day I saw a post of Baba’s assurance in face book. Baba was telling “I AM WITH YOU”.Then I felt soo much happy and got courage .. As some other problem occurred, today I was so much worried and cried before SAI BABA. and felt that the assurance I saw in face book few days ago, is not for me.. And I also asked SAI, “if your assurance is really for me, again today also you have to give the same assurance to me “..And Strangely, when I logged in my fb account, I saw 3 posts with the same assurance I.e “I AM WITH YOU”…

Then you can understand, that SAI sees every tear of us and he listens every word our heart says.


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