When SAI is before you, no danger can harm you!!


Sairam saibandhus🙏.. I am sharing my experience with SAI happened just today.

Today is really bad day for me. l am feeling to share it with you.Just now I reached home from hyd. .with tears in eyes I am typing this post. (the tears are for both reasons one is baba’s protection towards his children, second reason is why these incidents happening to me). Today we had to go to a Ent hospital to another town. But the doctor is not available though we took appointment. Then we searched more ENT hospitals but we are told it takes some more time for doctor’s arrival. Then we got an idea to go to hyd for perfect treatment and we started to Hyderabad.

But in hurry we didn’t noticed that the fuel in car is not sufficient. Midway, the driver noticed the fuel is nil and the sign is blinking.We tensed alot. As there is lock down, the owners of petrol bunks rejected to pour fuel..Then the driver told, “no problem if the car is driven very slowly we can reach up to the town” and he was driving slowly.. In all of our minds there was some strange feeling that something bad may be going to happen becaz all things were not going smoothly. Suddernly, I noticed a big image of Sai’s face, back side of one bus.(that bus is one company’s vehicle which roams in Hyderabad. It
appears suddenly before me as sai wants to show his presence to me whenever I am in despair or going for any imp work).

After some while,Our car is strongly hit by another car and our car turned rounds forcefully. Once we couldn’t understand wht is happening. With the gerks I understood some accident is occurring and then SAl flashed in my mind.

With Sai’s grace, the driver hardly controlled the car and we came out of danger because of SAI krupa. But the car is damaged back side.After we reached some station, Iuckily we got
fuel and reached home.

Here,I think that before the accident is going to take place, SAI appeared before me to save us..

Thank you Sai DEVAAAA🙏🙏

And one more thing,.. When I opened My Facebook account, after we reached home, the first post was the message from SAI which suits exactly the current experience.

The fFacebook post 👇

I am feeling, through this 👇face book post, SAI IS Consoling me THAT before ANY DANGER comes, SAI WILL Be INFRONT OF ME, ” AS HE ALREADY DID By showing HIS PRESENCE BEFORE The ACCIDENT OCCURS “

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