Saibaba always gives what his devotee diserves

Om sairam

M.R. Jagannathan (MRJ) is currently CEO (Operations) of Shree Akhila Bharathiya Sadu Margi Jain Sangh (a charitable trust) at
Bengaluru, though its headquarters is at Bikaner. MRJ has over 35 years of experience.

MRI is born and bought up in Bengaluru, but he has worked outside Bengaluru also. His current residence is at Akshayanagar,
just less than 1.5 kms from Arekere Saibaba temple in Bengaluru. He has been visiting the said temple for last 3 years.

Though MRJ tried to visit Shirdi, a couple of times in the past,it did not happen for one or the other reason. But he has read Sai satcharitra 4 times.

MRI got attracted to Baba because of His simplicity that is evident from Sai Satcharitra. Another reason for faith in Baba is because of Baba coming to his rescue every time he had a problem.

MRI joined the charitable trust mentioned above sometime in the beginning of 2014. He had to leave his job within a few months as he had some differences with the management of his organization. He did not like certain policies of the management.
Though he was holding a prestigious position, he had to quit, as he found certain things against his principles.

After quitting the job, he struggled to get another job for 3-4 and could not find a suitable placement. MRI prayed Baba to
show him the way and bless him with a placement in good Organization.

One day after attending evening aarthi at Arekere Saibaba temple and taking Prasadam, he was about to enter his car for
going back home. Chairman of the Trust mentioned above suddenly called MRJ on phone. MRJ was asked by the Chairman
to see him next day in Bengaluru office at 10.30 am.

Though MRI quit the organization by submitting the resignation, it was not accepted. The Chairman told MRJ that he
knows the whole story and asked MRJ to report back to duty with immediate effect. Because of MRJ’s absence, the work seems to
have got affected badly. Surprising fact is that MRJ was even paid salary for the period he was absent also, probably considering
It as paid leave. MRJ says that in no other organization,management would like to call back the employee after quitting the organization. MRJ’s honesty and his operational skills must have helped him in getting back the job. MRJ further says that it
is all because of Baba’s blessings.

In another incident, MRJ experienced similar miracle.RJ was working as Regional Director in Ministry of Textiles from 2007-2014 in Mumbai office. He resigned his job in 2014While leaving the job, the incentive due to him was not Olected as there was some calculation error in arriving at the incentive.He was due for a higher amount as per his calculation and his management wanted to pay lower incentive as per their
caliculation. MRJ left the job and did not collect any incentive due to him.

After coming to Bengaluru, he got a call from Mumbai office that they have re-calculated the incentive due to him and have despatched the cheque for the revised amount, matching his calculation.

MRJ says that such things rarely happen. Again he says it is all because of Baba’s grace.

With the two incidents mentioned above MRJ’s faith in Baba became stronger and MRJ is now visiting Arekere Saibaba temple,almost every day.

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