Baba came as a devotee of Vitthal ,asking Appa Saheb for udi.

193915_171150229602493_3015710_o.jpgBaba came as a devotee of Vitthal ,asking Appa Saheb for udi.

Every year Dnyaneshwar’s Palkhi exits Pune and traverses the Divae Ghat on their way to Pandarpur. This is a difficult path as its barren  without any villages near by to give them water or render any help if the need arises. A group of volunteers of about 70 young men from the Sai Das Mandal Pune offer them water and jaggery and some snacks every year. They render voluntary services from 9a.m. to 6 p.m. They are also joined by a group of volunteers from Bhivandi Mumbai.

On June 30th 1996 , a sai devotee,Appasahib R Shivale had gone to Shivaji Nagar Baba temple and brought 5 packets of udi with him. He was busy giving water when an unknown gentleman came up to him and asked him for some udi. He inquired, “Why do you need the udi?” He told him that a 12 yr old volunteer from the Bhivandi group was very sick. He had intense itching all over his body and was desperate. It was intolerable and he was tearing his clothes off his body. The group wanted to take the boy 10 miles away to Saswada village where they might find a doctor. But because of the crowds of pilgrims walking together they couldn’t over take them on a vehicle. So he took Appasahib to the boy. Appasahib mixed the udi in a glass of water and made him drink it, and then he applied udi on his entire body. A short while later the boy was relieved of his agony.

He asked the group if they knew the man who came to get Baba’s udi. But no one seemed to know him. Neither did the young boy know who he was. The man was a total stranger to Appa also. Appa wondered how a devotee of Vitthal should know about the power of the udi. Just then the Arati “Shirdi maje Pandarpur” was heard on the loud speaker. Wonderstruck Appa sat a while and thought “How did that man know that I had udi with me?” He then searched for that man but he had disappeared then it dawned on him that he was Baba.

Thus Baba himself came to save the child..Jai sairam!!

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