The Dhuni Mai manifested

*The Dhuni Mai manifested*


In this leela we know how baba manifested sacred Dhuni in the house of His devotee ‘kadam’..

One day early in the morning at about 4a.m. Baba woke Kadam up, he appeared as Kathkar Maharaj and said, “Look ‘Agni Dev’ has come look after it” .Kadam got up and saw that there were 8-10 pieces of wood with flames emitting from them. His wife also got up and saw this wonderful phenomenon. Only Kadam and his wife were at home. Baba had indeed made his Dhuni Mai there, in front of his picture. He had faith in Baba but he wondered what was happening in his home. He said to his wife, “Let us go back to sleep and see how long this fire keeps burning”.

They got up at 6a.m. and the fire was still burning and the wood wasn’t any shorter than it was earlier. He didn’t know what to do so it was left as such the entire day. That day was Buddha Purnima and he heard Baba say, “Lord Agni has come don’t let get extinguished. Or I will break both your feet”. Kadam hurriedly went and got some fire wood and he offered it to the Dhuni. He thought, “If I don’t follow his instructions he really will break my feet.

46181769_180081839596784_8918214138027573248_nBaba instructed him to build a separate room for his Dhuni and Kadam obeyed. Then different devotees at different times were instructed by Baba in visions to put their hand in it and pull out sacred articles. Mr. Jadav of Kelva Thana pulled out a silver Trident, and his hand wasn’t burnt. Then Rasal Bhabi pulled out a blackShiva Lingam, and Baba said, “This is Gurneshvar Shiva Lingam”. Mai pulled out a silver Nag (idol of a serpent) and a brass Nandi(the sacred bull that Lord Shiva rode on, it’s always placed in front of the Shiv Linga).

These sacred articles are placed before Baba and worshipped daily. The udi from the Dhuni is distributed to the devotees.

Ref Sai Prasad Deepavali 1998.

Source: Baba’s Divine Symphony by Vinny Chitluri

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