SAI settles a property dispute



Prayers to Saibaba Would Never Go Unanswered

A Harinarayana Rao (AHR) is a native of Vizag, but living in Bengaluru for past 11 years. He is currently employed in Oracle and residing at Kodichikkanahalli which is just 1.5 kms away from Saibaba temple in Arekere Bengaluru.

AHR is a devotee of Baba for the last 24 years and is regularly visiting Saibaba temple in Arekere for last 5 years. AHR went to Shirdi first time in 1993 and visited Shirdi for 6 times in last 24 years. His last visit to Shirdi was in April 2017.

AHR and his parents are very closely connected with Baba for last 24 years.

AHR’s father wanted to construct a house in Vizag in his plot and decided to do bhoomi puja before taking up construction work. While digging in the said plot, they got to their surprise a copper plate with a picture of Baba on it. They considered this as a good omen and went to Shirdi for the first time in 1993. Thereafter on every Thursdays four aarthis are given to Baba in their house itself. This is being religiously followed for the last 24 years.

This is how AHR and his family got very closely connected with Saibaba for last 24 years.

One day in 2015 in AHR’s residence at Bengaluru a dhoop stick was lit in prayer room. The ash from dhoop stick took the form Baba idol (in sitting posture). They have taken a photograph of the same and shown it to me also.

Meanwhile at Vizag, AHR’s father was fighting a dispute related to property share from 1990 and it never got resolved. There was no peace and harmony at home as discussion related to the dispute took a toll on the family. AHR’s father had an earnest desire to give away ancestral property to his sons.

Both AHR at Bengaluru and his father at Vizag were praying to Baba to settle the dispute related to registration of property got to their share.

AHR said to Baba that the moment property registration dispute gets settled and more importantly his father gets relieved from the stress, he will donate Rs. 10116/- towards Annadanam in Saibaba temple at Arekere Bengaluru.

Ultimately Baba listened to their prayers and the dispute was settled amicably in 2015. AHR strongly believes that Baba Himself came under the disguise of the Government Official who helped a lot to get the issue resolved. Thereafter AHR became a member of Sri Sai Shaswata Nitya Annadana Padhakam in Baba temple at Arekere.

AHR’s family sold the property at Vizag and sale proceeds of the same were utilized to buy one flat in Bengaluru for AHR and another in Mumbai for AHR’s brother.

AHR’s family is a happy family  now. They say they are so much indebted to Baba for his grace and blessings.



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