Leave All Problems to Baba and Surrender to Him, to Get Needed Relief


Lakshminarayana (DLN) is a practicing advocate staying in Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh. Till 1992 he was not a devotee of Baba, but got in to the fold of Saibaba on account of few incidents in his life.

In 1992 DLN had to engage a good counsel at Vijayawada to argue a case of one of his clients. He did not know any one at Vijayawada and was thinking how to engage a right person. Around same time DLN’s wife was doing Sai Nitya Parayanam. One gentleman came from Vijayawada to Kadapa on transfer and met DLN in connection with his own legal case. The said gentlemen gave a reference of an expert counsel at Vijayawada. DLN’s wife told him that it is Saibaba who had sent the said person to him to solve his problem.

In 1993 DLN wanted to go to Shirdi, along with one of his friends. Both of them travelled to Pune by train and wanted to take a bus for going to Shirdi. When they reached bus stand, bus was full with no vacant seats. All seats were prebooked. When the bus was about to start none occupied the two vacant seats behind driver seat. DLN and his friend got into the bus and occupied the vacant seats. DLN wonders even today that though the seats were prebooked why no one occupied the same. DLN feels that it is Shirdi Saibaba who wanted them to visit Shirdi made the seats available to them.

In 1995, when DLN’s practice was on low key, he was looking for some financial help. One fine morning a gentlemen came to DLN and introduced himself as one of his old clients and paid some amount which was said to be due to be paid to DLN does not remember when the said client availed legal services from him. DLN considers this also a miracle of Baba.

The above three incidents have helped DLN to have a total faith in Baba. Since then DLN started going to Shirdi twice or thrice a year. Life was going smoothly for DLN. His son went to Canada for higher studies and he was looking for an alliance for his daughter to get her married around August 2014.

Suddenly DLN’s wife was diagnosed to be suffering from a chronic ailment. He wanted to take her for treatment to Hyderabad or Bengaluru. But as DLN’s elder brother was staying in Arekere in Bengaluru, he decided to get her wife treated in a corporate hospital at Bengaluru.

DLN had to face tough situations at that time. He had to get his wife treated in Bengaluru, perform his daughter’s marriage in August 2014, as the alliance was already fixed. Added to this he had to attend to his legal profession at Kadapa.

When he was at Arekere, he used to visit Saibaba temple regularly. DLN surrendered to Baba and asked him to solve his problems and get his family out of this horrible situation. Dr. (Mrs.) Krithika Murugan at corporate hospital in Bengaluru gave DLN tremendous courage both before surgery and during post-surgery treatment.

Finally, due to blessings of Baba DLN’s wife got fully recovered and marriage of his daughter was also performed. DLN feels that baha himself was personally present during his wife’s treatment and as well his daughter’s marriage.

In memory of the doctor, who gave moral support to DLN, he got his grandson named as Krithik.

Now DLN strongly believes in Baba because according to him, the recovery of his wife from a deadly disease and marriage of his daughter would not have happened without the grace and blessings of Baba.

DLN further says that in Arekere Saibaba temple the Baba himself is sitting and not his idol. Such is the belief of DLN in Baba now.

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