Why fear when SAI is here


Sameer Gupta (SG) is an ardent devotee of Saibaba for the la 24 years. He is living in Bengaluru for last 45 years and currently staying just 1 Km away from Baba temple in Arekere. SG has been to Shirdi so far 13 times. He visits Baba temple in Arekere regularly.

SG is B.Sc & MBA and got all his education at Bengaluru. SG has been Investment Consultant for last 20 years and has been helping many customers to improve their earnings. He worked earlier with many MNC’s.

SG was going through very bad period in his life in early 90’s and he was frustrated to the extent of committing suicide, as he lost all belief in God. He almost became an atheist. SG was introduced to a stranger way back in 1993 in NR colony Saibaba temple, who advised him that if he feels good after bowing to Baba, he should visit Baba temple every Thursday without fail and start his day with Baba blessings. SG says that it was a real turning point in his life. Then on he was regularly visiting Baba temple.

Since 1993 and till date Baba has been taking care of SG and his family so well that he never had to turn back or think twice for anything in his life. Shraddha and Saburi have been his way of leading a wonderful and meaningful life. He has been enjoying happy family and professional life since 1993.

One day Saibaba appeared in dream to SG and advised him construct his own house in a plot already owned by him in Avani Sringeri Nagar, very close to Arekere Saibaba temple. SG asked Baba, how he can go ahead with the construction when he has no money, no support and no regularization of the revenue site owned by him. Baba just smiled and told SG to trust him and start the work. When SG told about his dream to his wife, she was worried about money and plan approvals.

SG has started construction in April 2016 and completed by 2017. He raised a loan of 4 lakhs of rupees on a fixed deposit which was in the name of her mother with her consent. He had some savings of his own from his profession to the extent of Rs. 4 lakhs. Total construction worked out to Rs. 30 lakhs. Surprisingly a person, whom he had lent some money long time ago paid back entire amount, when construction was going on. Added to this some of SG’s friends and well-wishers pooled some money to help SG for completing the construction of his own house and all of them did not fix any period to pay back the money given to him. They did not charge any interest on the money lent to him.

SG says that but for Saibaba’s blessings and grace the above could not have taken place. “Why fear when I (Sai) am here” is proved 100% right in the case of SG.

It is not that during construction period SG did not face any other problem. SG faced major setbacks and every time Saibaba came to his rescue. SG met with an accident when he was riding 12-wheeler in December 2016. He suffered multiple fractures in Shoulder bone, hand, chest and leg. Luckily SG did not have a head injury because of his helmet. Doctors who treated him told that it will take at least 6 months to recover fully whereas SG got recovered in 6 weeks’ time with the blessings of Baba and was even able to go for morning walk.

SG feels that construction of his house was a miracle and recovering from accident is another miracle.

At the instance of his neighbor, who wanted to grab SG’s site, BBMP filed a legal case against SG stating that he did not have a sanctioned plan and construction is illegal. SG has already won the case and is waiting for the court orders. SG was 100% sure of winning the case, as he had the clearance from Baba Himself for taking up the construction. SG finally said that ‘When God (Sai) is with you, no one can do anything against you.’

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