Sai Can Bless What Doctors Cannot Assure!


Sujatha M (SM), a native of Sagar, Shivamogga district, has been living in Bengaluru for last 12 years. She is staying in Arekere for last 2 years. She did diploma in Nursing and working in Apollo hospital on Bannerghatta road, serving several patients visiting the hospital. She is visiting Saibaba temple in Arekere for last 4 years. She has been a devotee of Baba for last 10 years. She read Sai Satcharitra once, but is yet to visit Shirdi.

When SM was 38 years, she had miscarriage two times in 2013. She became pregnant again in February 2015. She got admitted in Apollo hospital for 3 times within an interval of one and half month to arrest continuous bleeding. Doctor gave no hope of getting a baby 3rd time also.

SM has been continuously praying Saibaba, all through the pregnancy period. Again in the fourth month she was at home one day. There was a profuse bleeding with blood flowing in her bedroom. It was an unbearable situation and for a moment she thought the baby has also come out of her body. SM then totally surrendered to Baba and prayed Baba to save her pregnancy this time. She even told Baba that if she is blessed with a son, she will name him as Sai.

Later she went again to Apollo hospital for a checkup and surprised to know that her scan report indicated no bleeding. This time also doctors expected that it could be a premature delivery.But SM continued to pray Baba to bless her with a healthy baby. Sai listened to her prayers and blessed her with a male baby whom she named as ‘Sri Sai.’ Now her son is over 2yrs old and he looks quite healthy.

SM says that but for Sai’s blessings and grace, her dream to get a healthy baby would not have been possible. Being a mother she has to call her son several times in a day. Whenever she calls her son as ‘Sri Sai’ she remembers Shirdi Saibaba. It was one of the main reasons to name her son as ‘Sri Sai.’ SM says that she can never, forget Baba all through her life and she will always be indebted to Saibaba.

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