SAI constructs his own temple


Meda Nagaratnamma (MNR) has been an ardent devotee of Shirdi Saibaba. She has been visiting Shirdi from her childhood along with her parents. After her marriage also MNR visited Shirdi many times with her husband Meda Ramakrishna (MRK). MNR experienced several miracles in her life with the grace of Baba.

Both MNR and MRK are living in Bengaluru for over 22 years in Vysya Bank Colony, Shanthiniketan layout in Arekere.

In 2007, on 25th July, both MNR and MRK visited Shirdi and were staying in a Vysya choultry. At that time, Sri Swamy Sai Vishwa Chaitnaya was conducting Sai Gita Gyana Yagna in Baba Mandir complex at Shirdi. MNR also attended the discourse for 3 days. Impressed by his discourse, both MNR and MRK requested Swamy to come to Shanthiniketan layout in Arekere, Bengaluru and conduct similar discourse. Swamy readily agreed to the proposal made by MNR and MRK.

Swamy Sai Vishwa Chaitanya later conducted a one week discourse at Vasavi temple complex in the same Shanthiniketan layout for 7 days starting from 9th August 2007. It was a big success as many residents of the said layout attended the 7-day discourse.

On the last day of the discourse, i.e.on 15 August 2007, Swamy blessed that Shirdi Saibaba will definitely come to Shanthiniketan layout, Arekere and a temple of Shirdi Saibaba will come up very soon, if MRK thinks and puts efforts. The residents attending the discourse immediately came forward to give donations in case we go for construction of Saibaba temple.

Swamy Sai Vishwa Chaitanya in his next visit even showed a place in Shanthiniketan layout, where Saibaba temple would come up.

True to what Swamy said, Baba temple was constructed at the same place and Saibaba idol was installed at the hands of Swami Vishwa Chaitanya on 2nd February 2010.

There has been a multifold growth in number of devotees visiting this Saibaba temple in last 8 years. Annadanam is being done on all the 365 days of the year.

On festival days like Gurupoornima and Shivaratri number of devotees visiting the temple is as high as 20000.

Devotees visiting various Baba temples say that Baba temple in Shanthiniketan layout is one of the best Sai temples in Karnataka. Devotees come here from far off places to have darshan of Baba.

Nothing happens without the clearance or permission of the Lord. Saibaba is the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. It is Saibaba who made Swamy Sai Vishwa Chaitanya to utter that His temple would come up in Shanthiniketan layout.

Even at Shirdi where the idol of Lord Krishna was originally planned to be installed, the idol of the Saibaba was installed by the side of His Samadhi. He alone decides what is to be done. We are just instruments in executing His decisions. So is the case with Saibaba coming to Shanthiniketan layout.

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