Sai saved from a bike accident !

Om sree sai nathaya namaha🙏


A Sai devotee Sree Kamal ji is sharing one of his experiences with SAI.. We pray SAI GANESH to bless him by removing all obstacles and give him victory in every turning of his life🙏.

“Myself Kamal so I am sharing with you a miracle of my shri sainath. It was the year
2018, one evening while I was returning home from my office, I usually traveled from my bike and i have a habit of chanting baba’s name
“SAI SAI SAI..” everytime whether i am sitting idle, driving, working, or doing anything. I was driving through Taj express highway in Noida, there was a guy who was driving his bike
just in front of my vehicle and the traffic was going smoothly. For a few Kilometers everything was smooth,suddenly a scooty came from behind which was rashly driven by a few guys, and they hit the bike rider who was just in front of me.., scooty guys hit the bike and they escaped from there. After being hit by the scooty the bike rider got disbalanced and he
was about to fall in a second or two,and I was just behind him and while watching all these incidents I thought that now I am also going to crash with the bike in front of me, because the distance between his bike and my bike was very less I can say hardly 5 or 10 steps. But as I told you while driving also I have a habit of chanting
baba’s name , and miraculously the bike guy who was about to fall in a sec, got his bike balanced again and he cleared the way for me and I was also saved from a big accident, I got understand that it’s the leela of my sadguru sainath, I thanked sai baba in the heart while i was driving and once I reached home, I visited sai temple to convey my big thanks and love to my deva who saved me from a big accident. 🙏”

  • Om Sree Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva💐💐🙏


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