Sai surely replies in any form , He doesnt leave his child in mental agony

Om sree sai devaya namaha🙏

Pyde Sitaram Prasad (PSP) 1s a retired banker with 40 years of service in public sector bank. He retired as Manager from the said bank in July 2013. He has been living in Bengaluru for last 9 years and is currently staying for last 7 years at Kodichikkanahalli,which is about 2.5 kms trom Arekere Saibaba temple.

PSP has been a devotee of Saibaba since his childhood as his parents have been staunch devotees of Baba. His mother used to narrate various Sai leelas to him and also to his brothers and Sisters during the childhood days. His father used to conduct Sai bhajans on every Thursday at Bellary, his native.

PSP has been visiting Arekere Saibaba temple for last 7 years.He has been to Shirdi 8 times so far. While PSP read Sai Satcharitra once, his wife read the same more than 30 times.

Incident 1

In 1994-97, PSP was working at Bhatkal branch of a public sector bank in coastal Karnataka. AS a part ot his business requirement,he used to call on bank’s customers at their own place to build rapport and increase the personal banking business, as its head at Bhatkal branch.

One day PSP visited bank’s customer at Murudesh(15 kms. away from Bhatkal) by name Radhabai, whose family members were highly devoted to Shirdi Saibaba. Radhabai has old grandson (her son’s son) by name Pavan who was 8 years then. Their family members told PsP that on every Thurs day they sing Sai bhajans and also on that day Pavan can see Saibaba and communicate clearly with Baba.

PSP was further told that in case anyone who is in difficulties seeks Baba’s advice they can explain their miseries to Pavan who in turn will convey it to Baba and whatever solution Baba tells will be conveyed to the person seeking Baba’s advice. PSP wanted to know and see how such thing happens and will call on them
again at an appropriate time for that purpose.

The appropriate time came after about 10 months, when some higher officials in his bank, who were jealous about the popularity gained and succes achieved in business by PSP, lodged some complaints against PSP to higher levels of management in his bank. An investigation was ordered to check the correctness or truth in complaints lodged against PSP. During that time PSP was highly depressed and dejected and was going through a mental agony. His efforts had contributed considerably for the growth in
branch business and profitability.

He immediately thought of seeking help from Baba and went to Murudeshwar to ViSit the house mentioned above, where Sal bhajans take place every Thursday. He prayed to Baba to support him as he had no one else to depend upon. After the bhajans were over, Pavan sat in front or Saibaba photo.At one side a tripod stove was kept and next to it white rangoli powder was spread on the floor. PSP explained about his problem to Pavan that an investigation officer 1s going to investigate into the working of PSP.

After hearing from PSP, Pavan looked at Baba’s photo. On being asked by Baba, Pavan put his hands on the tripod stove and miraculously that stove started moving and started writing on the
white rangoli spread on the floor. It wrote in Kannada “NEENU HEDARABEDA. NINNA MELE YAARU KRAMA TEGEDU KOLLVUDU ILLA” meaning “You need not be afraid. No one is going to take action against you.” After seeing that message conveyed by Baba through Pavan, PSP got so much courage and his depressed feelings vanished at once.

PSP faced the investigation boldly and as told by Baba, no action was taken against PSP. As no charges leveled against PSP could be proved, the case was dropped.

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