Suffering is also a pathway to Sai’s Grace

PS is a devotee of Saibaba for last 30 years. She has been living in Bengaluru for last 25 years. Currently she is staying in an apartment complex which is around 4 kms from Arekere Saibaba temple. She has visited Shirdi for the first time in 1987, when devotees were allowed to touch the feet of Baba Idol. PS has read sai Satcharitra once, but reads Chapter 11 of Satcharitra every Thursday.

PS got into the fold of Saibaba more on account of unbearable sufferings in her married life. PS got married in 1991, and was blessed with a daughter on 18 November 1992. PS was a member of a joint family.

The real trouble in her life started when her husband got a job in Dubai and left for Dubai in 1993. PS and her daughter had to stay in Bengaluru along with her husband’s elder brother and his wife at Hulimavu.

PS’s brother-in-law (Her husband’s elder brother) and his wife Were treating PS as servant and maid in the absence of her husband and finding fault with her tor everything. PS completely lost her peace of mind and was continuously weeping and praying Baba to help her to come out of the irustrating family environment at that time. (PS was in total ln tears when she started narrating her story to me recalling her unforgettable bad experience and subsequently Baba hearing her plea).

One Thursday in October November 1995, when she was in tears while praying Baba, she saw the image of Sai in the lamp. On the same day a call came from her husband in Dubai, when her visa was ready for going to Dubai. PS left for Dubai along with her daughter in 1996 and that was the end of her suffering in her family life.

PS came back from Dubai to Bengaluru in 2016 when her daughter completed her 10+2. On return from Dubai PS admitted her daughter in NMKRV College for completing her graduation.

Since 2012 PS started visiting Arekere Saibaba temple. Due to the grace of Saibaba PS could buy a flat in an apartment complex with the name of Sai Sankalpa in 2016. PS’s own flat in the same complex is named as “Sai Krupa.” Surprisingly the owner of the Apartment complex under construction was also Saibaba
devotee. He had put a large size beautiful photograph of Baba in Puja room of the flat purchased by PS.

PS’s daughter again went to Dubai in October 2016 after completing her MBA in Bengaluru. On 26th July 2017, PS’s Husband is expected to come to Bengaluru on a short visit and to clear the balance home loan amount. Once PS daughter gets married PS’s husband is expected to settle down at Bengaluru. PS is 100% hopeful that Saibaba would bless their family.

PS says that she will never forget Saibaba, as He alone lifted her out of her sufferings in her joint family and also got them a new flat. An unknown person came to their flat and told that Sai’s presence is there in her flat. PS now believes that Sai is always with her.

Devotee did not like to disclose her full name.

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