SAI VIBHOOTI works wonders when you have faith in Baba

Om sree Sai nafhayanamaha🙏

T. Satyanarayana Setty (TSNS) is a retired employee from Mico-Bosch, in Bengaluru, where he worked for 35 years. He has been a devotee of Saibaba for last 15 years and visiting Saibaba temple in Shathidham, Arekere for last two and half years. He is active member of Sai Seva Dal at Shanthidham. He stays just two and half kilometers away from Shanthidham.

TSNS had been to Shirdi for ten times in last 15 years. TSNS wanted to have his own house in Bengaluru before retirement, but did not have sufficient funds. He went to Shirdi in 1998 and prayed Baba to bless him for having his own house at Bengaluru. He obtained some loan from office and as well borrowed money from friends and relatives. He started the
construction work in 2001 and completed in 2003 with thblessings of Baba.

Again due to grace of Baba, his 3 sons got well educated and settled in life with good jobs,although academically they were average. One of his sons is in Canada since 2009.

According to TSNS, it is only because of Baba blessings, his sons are doing well now.

TSNS was suffering from severe back pain since 2002. He has tried taking medicines from allopathic doctors and it did not give any relief.

In 2008 TSNS went to Shirdi. He prayed Baba
and applied Vibhooti given at Shirdi on the area where he was feeling acute pain, sitting outside at gate 1 of the temple complex.Surprisingly, in a few minutes he got relief from back pain and never faced any pain in the back afterwards.

TSNS considers this as a big miracle, as what doctors could not cure, got cured with the application of Sai Vibhooti.

As one after the other miracle happened due to grace of Baba,TSNS’s faith in Baba also got well established and he started serving as Sai Sevadal volunteer at Shanthidham.

He regularly visits Baba temple every Thursday and goes for bhiksha at the time of Gurupoornima by visiting a number of Sai devotees houses around Shanthidham.

Now TSNS is leading a happy family life and spending his spare time serving Baba devotees at Shanthidham.

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