If Anyone surrenders his everything to SAI , He can attain dharma,”artha”,kama,moksha easily with the grace of SAI

Suresh Sharma (SS) is a Sai devotee staying within 4 kms distance from Shanthidham temple complex in Arekere.

Ss has over 16 years of experience in IT industry before joining his present company, Experis IT, a 22 billion dollar company with its offices spread in 132 countries. He worked at Hyderabad, Mumbai & Delhi besides at Bengaluru.

Prior to joining Experis IT, SS worked for Birla soft for about a year. He had to leave Birla soft as the project for which he was taken was completed. After leaving Birla soft in June 2015 he was Without any job for 12-18 months.

SS came to know about Saibaba temple in Shantidham temple complex through his milk boy sometime in May 2013. SS was since then coming regularly to Baba temple and doing service activity.Seeing his interest in doing seva, the President of SSSC Trust accepted him as a sevadal volunteer to take up service activity on
major festival days like Gurupoornima and Maha Shivaratri.

On Gurupoornima day in 2015, SS worked continuousiy14 hours. SS went door to door for Bhikshatana continuousiy for 9 Thursdays before Gurupoornima with other Sai Sevadal
volunteers. Later in the same year i.e 2015, while SS was workig as a volunteer for Maha Shivaratri celebration, President of the trust enquired about his profession. SS told at that time that he was jobless after having already worked in IT industry for 16 years.

As the President knew some people in another IT company,by name Endeavors, he referred his candidature for a suitable placement in Endeavors. SS was later introduced to CEO of Endeavour. SS was then employed as Project Consultant in Endeavour with Rs. 18 Lakhs per annum as his salary. SS worked for Endeavour for only 18 days, as he got another better offer.

Later SS joined as Life trustee of SSSC trust on the advice of its President. The wife of SS persuaded SS to become Life trustee of SSSC trust.

SS says- “If you trust Baba, he may come in some form or other in your life, to provide you the necessary help

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