Sai Knows and Gives You What You Need

Girija NS (GNS) is a Sai devotee staying within 2 kms distance from Shantidham temple complex in Arekere. She has been a Sai devotee for last 15 years and has been visiting Saibaba temple in Arekere for the last 2 years.

GNS says-Words are not enough to describe the leelas of Sai.He can fulfill any of your desires provided if you have a deep faith in Him

GNS’s son and daughter-in-law stay with her in Bengaluru where as her daughter and son-in-law are in US.

Prior to moving to US, GNS’s son-in-law, Mr. Gurunath was working for a software company in Bengaluru. He was sent to US for a specific project for a short duration in September 2015.
His superiors in US were very much satisfied with his work and wanted him to shift from Bengaluru office to their US office for a longer period.

Because of the assurances given by his employer Mr. Gurunath Shited his wife Tulasi (GNS’s daughter) also to US. They were provided with free accommodation and transport in Us.

On December 2nd 2016 Mr. Gurunath was given a letter asking him to immediately report to Bengaluru office by 1st December 2016.

It was a bolt-from-blue for them, all their plans got shattered.They did not know what to do.

GNS advised her daughter, Tulasi to take admission for studying MS in engineering for which last date to take admission was January 4h 2017. If she does not take admission in MS her visa would expire by December 31 2016. She had to pay tuition fee of Rs. 15 lakhs to get admission in MS.

GNS started praying Sai with immense faith and had put the entire burden on Sai. By the grace of Sai, mobilization of funds went smoothly and within a span of 6 days i.e. by 29th December
2016, they could mobilize around Rs. 25 Lakhs
. Tulasi paid fees & joined MS (Engineering) and her visa automatically got renewed.

Meanwhile GNS’s son-in-law, Gurunath also with full faith in Sai made up his mind and resigned his present job. He started applying for a new job in US. Usually it takes 3-6 months to complete series of interviews and other formalities to take up a new assignment. But surprisingly, due to grace of Sai everything
was completed in a span of 3 days and he was asked to join his new company before December 31″ 2016. He finally reported in
the new company on December 29 2016 and automatically his visa also got renewed.

GNS says- “We don’t know how Sai helps, in what form, at what time and in what situation. We only should have total faith in him. We should have both Shraddha and Saburi.”

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